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The Tunnel

This movie is long and has sub-titles for the German, but was engrossing. It's written after a true story when the German Democratic Republic (GDR) starts building the wall in Berlin. Harry Melchior had been a great swimmer, but was put in jail because he was in a revolution against the GDR. When he got out, he swam to a win once more and then committed "illegal emigration" to get to the West. His sister, brother-in-law, and niece won't come with him, and as things get worse on the East, he decides he has to get them out.

He and some friends -- and then many more people who want to get their families out -- dig a tunnel under the wall. There's a lot of problems -- planning, execution, security, etc. -- and the movie gets tighter and tighter nearer to the end, but the tunnel works. Not for everybody, and that's sad, but most get out. Harry and some of the others spend years getting more people out (not that tunnel, the GDR floods it) until the wall goes down.

Highly recommended.
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