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Sleeping witih Spirit

Well, she slept with me twice that I know of last night. She curled up into my tummy both times, but the second time I knew she was there because she was trying to pull off a claw sheath and kept banging her leg into me.

My Social Security came early this morning, and since I don't have a mortgage payment this month between mortgages, I paid all the hospital and ER co-pays and co-insurances that I have. I could still get billed by four doctors, but three of them are owed little enough that it would probably cost them more to send out to billing. The fourth is about $1200 and if he bills me, he'll just have to take it in pieces.

I had a call from my primary's nurse yesterday telling me to do the same things she always tells me when we get a lipid panel back. I always tell the nurse the same thing -- I already do about half what she wants and the other half is impossible -- so I asked the nurse to make a phone appointment with my primary. She called at the end of her range today and agreed with me (probably actually looked at my chart) but wanted me to increase the fish oil from twice a day to three times a day. I asked about my mammogram results, but they're not back yet, so she'll call about that. A month is kind of long to get results.

I took a DVD to the post office and then watched two of the landscapers talking with their boss outside my sliding glass window. They were pointing to plants around my porch, none of which are mine, and they'd already cut back some of the ivy and I don't think I could get them to do more.
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