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"Oh no she wouldn't"

Oh yes, she would. I took trash and recycling to the dumpster/bins today and one of the tween girls in the next development had left her bike right where I needed to back in. I leaned out the window and told her (she was up a tree on their land) she'd need to move her bike so I could back in, which is when she said "Oh no she wouldn't." And then as I started angling, another of the tween girls said "Oh yes she would." Yep, I would.

I took the bookgroup book back because we don't have enough for everybody (I need to type up my scrawled notes today so I can read them on the 19th) and picked up T.R. Reid's The Healing of America, A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care to read next.

Then I dropped off a DVD at the post office and went on to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. The last time I was there the receipt had me do an online survey and get $4 off the next time I was there. I noticed yesterday that the expiration date was today, so I took advantage of it.

Spirit sat with me last night while I beaded, but she's moving between the top of the recliner and the heating pad otherwise. I've found that it was Shiva who kicked out an amazing amount of litter -- I haven't had to sweep at all with Spirit.
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