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Last Night and Today

Thank you so much, folks. It makes me feel stronger to know so many people care. This is an early picture of him, and here's the most recent, on the new cat blankie:

Shiva always liked the chair in the former dining room because he could see the living room, dining room, and up and down the hallway. When I noticed him sitting there so often, I put a towel on the chair to make it softer (and washed the towel every week). Last night I was sitting in the recliner, beading, and at 11pm I needed to get something from the workroom. As I passed by the dining room cat chair, I petted his head and he rubbed his face on my hand. I went back and beaded more until right at midnight, he fell off the chair and died. I wrapped him up with the towel and went to the recliner and petted him for a while.

I needed to put him somewhere safe and where I could pick him up today, so he ended up in the towel and in the guest bath sink, where he became rigid overnight in a strange position. Spirit looked for him frequently last night and I think I slept about three hours.

My gyn called this morning and the results of the biopsy are fine. I got the check from the title company via UPS (when the mortgage was finally costed out, I got a bit of money) and set that up for deposit. I pulled my little collapsible cart from the van and put Shiva's body in it and took him out to the back of the van. I deposited the check, took him to the vet practice that will send him to be cremated (Alexandria is a long way for me to drive, plus I can't keep a dead pet in the house -- no room in the fridge), dropped a DVD off at the post office, and was early to the psych appointment. He offered me Xanax for the stress of this, but I think crying when you talk about a dead pet is reasonable.
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