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Marilee J. Layman

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04:09 pm: The Interpreter
I suspect this is another movie that Charlie thinks the US government funded and produced.

Sylvia is an interpreter at the United Nations and one night, when she's not supposed to be there, she overhears a death threat against the evil dictator of the African nation where she grew up. She happened to have the light come up in her booth and she's sure the speaker saw her. She goes to the FBI who think either she's making it up or, because of her background, plans the assassination herself.

There's a lot of not-believing her, and she doesn't make it hard. There's a point where the lead FBI guy and Sylvia have an emotional moment about their losses. And then it becomes clear that there really is someone who wants to assassinate the dictator (blows up a bus in NYC first), but that someone is not who you think. Lots of tension, some blood. I thought it was okay.

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