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This twisted version of Red Riding Hood stars Reese Witherspoon as Red and Kiefer Sutherland as the Wolf. Red's mom whores on the street in front of her house and her step-dad is going after her when the police show up and take them away. Red visits her fiance who gives her a gun as a going away present, and takes the old family car, along with a basket, on I-5 until the car smokes to death. A man with an SUV pulls up and offers to give her a ride. As he talks to her, and she notices there's no door handle on her side, she realizes he's the Wolf who has been killing women on I-5.

He admits it, but she gets her gun and shoots him. When he gets out of the car, she shoots more. She heads off, covered with blood, to a cafe for some food, and the Wolf makes it to a hospital. The police put it together and arrest Red. She insists the man is the Wolf but they look at her juvenile record and send her off to a center for juvenile killers. We learn just how violent she really is, but the police realize they missed something and that the man really is the Wolf. When Red goes looking for her grandmother, well, you know.
Tags: dvd

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