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Marilee J. Layman

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06:30 pm: Almosts
Yesterday, I'd finished with everything online other than updating Quicken (because the mail hadn't come yet) by about 3pm, and I was nodding off, so I went to nap in the recliner. A Kaiser nurse woke me up at 4:50pm to tell me she'd ordered Cipro, which was almost in time for me to get it last night. I started reading the Post, wearing my reading glasses, watching for the mailman because my check might come, and at 6:50pm, he drove by, which was almost in time for me to deliver the check to the credit union, so I didn't bother going to get mail, either.

Today I deposited the check, dropped a DVD at the post office, picked up the Cipro, and came home to pay bills. I don't have to pay any mortgage for September, and I'm going to use part of that money to pay off the hospital & ER bills from the stroke. Serendipity there.

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