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Shiva just used the CatGenie! Yaaaay! Spirit watched and Giorgio came when he heard me praising Shiva. Shiva was so happy at the praising that he dashed through the condo for a minute. Now for the other two....

My upstairs neighbor brought me a pretend poinsettia yesterday. It has that fake Christmas store smell, but fortunately, Giorgio started eating the pretend leaves right away, so I was able to put it in the storeroom. I asked Luke about the lights, and he said he just hadn't had any help. I must have spurred him to call because his son-in-law came over last night and helped him put them up.

I've been aphasic for a couple of weeks now, not worse than usual, but longer than usual. Friday I told Spirit I was going to get some seedbeads when I meant birdseed and when I got to the store, I couldn't find the words for what I wanted (hulled sunflower seeds). Fortunately, they have them piled at the side and I pointed to the right one. Someone always carries it out for me and I back my van up right in front of the store and leave it unlocked. So I told the guy that it was the white van, it was unlocked, and he'd have to pull hard. Well, he pulled and said it was locked, so I pulled and it opened. I told him the van was 20 years old and the handle wasn't bad enough to replace it yet. He said what good condition it was in and I told him it only had 112K miles on it.

We have blue skies again today, although it's a little colder -- 55 for a high. I'm going to take the birdseed out to the porch and fill the metal container soon.
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