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Staying AWake

I was up late last night and had to get up early this morning because Lucila is cleaning and I think I'll take a nap this afternoon after the seamstress comes to get the fabric I have so far (she can cut these four out at once). Shiva is "hiding" in the castle because Lucila is here and Spirit keeps going between him and me. One of the odd things Lucila does is to move things the way she likes them. If I think she's done and go and move them back the way I like them, she'll go back and move them her way. So usually I just wait until she goes home.

I don't have to go out until Monday, but I'm tempted to make a quick trip to the Giant to get more of the fresh mozzarella that is only on sale through today. My check may come today, and I'd need to go deposit that, anyway.
Tags: cats, cleaning, food, sleep

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