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Falling Apart

I took the recycling out and dropped a DVD by the post office, where I noticed the flag was at half-staff. When I got to the rheumatologist's office, the TV was talking about Ted Kennedy's death and I knew about the flag.

She says I may not have needed the endometrial biopsy because the chemotherapy med that I'm actually using to try to taper the prednisone sometimes causes spotting. When I stop spotting, I have some more tests to see if there's still blood in the urine. I also get to have another head CT with dye, continue tapering the prednisone, and try PT for my "very arthritic" back which keeps me in a lot of pain. She didn't sound very enthusiastic about it working, but the next option is probably pain meds and I'd rather not have those all the time. I see her again in two months.

On the way home, I stopped at the Joann's in Centreville and I plan to never go anywhere in that shopping center again. I don't know if it's old enugh to not have to update or what, but the handicapped spots are no different from any other except for wheelchairs painted on them, there's a very steep slant to the stores, plus drains with steep edges, and no curbcuts. After I found the fabric, I had to wait at the measuring table and checking out, and I decided I wasn't moving the van to another part of the shopping center to deal with eating at the Korean restaurant. I went on to Bonefish and had sashimi, even though I know I shouldn't. They have an excellent reputation and indeed, the food was great. I realized partway through that I'm wearing a rayon top batiked with the outlines of fish and their bones.

I then came home and got the mail and will go take my shoes off soon.
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