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Margherita P/i/z/z/a/ English Muffin

The only place nearby that makes a Margherita Pizza (although with just olive oil and sliced tomatoes, not the sauce) is a fairly long distance, and they don't open until 4pm, so I don't get there often. Plus, their pizzas are full-size and I have to bring some home.

So with some specials at the Giant yesterday, I developed Margherita English Muffin.

Take an English Muffin, separate it, and toast it to the darkness you like. While it's doing that, get two slices of plum tomato, two slices of fresh mozzarella, and wash basil leaves. When the English muffin halves are done toasting, put them on a pan, put the tomato slice on first, then the mozzarella, and bake for two or three minutes -- until the mozzarella is melting -- then take out and put the basil leaves on. Let sit for a minute or so and eat. I'm doing this in my toaster oven.
Tags: food
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