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Blue Skies

We had our share of the storm yesterday -- lots of heavy rain and fog -- but today is blue and warm. I worked enough on the CatGenie Wednesday & Thursday that I have a lot of bruises and sore muscles. Nobody has used it since Thursday night, and they're all using a very yucky regular cat box, so I scooped a bit of poop from the top of another one (no cat litter on it) and put it in the CatGenie to see if that would tell them what it's for.

My upstairs neighbor hasn't put lights on his balcony this year. He did it last year, but his wife died in January, so maybe they were for her, even though she was in the locked Alzheimer's ward at the nursing home. I worry when he doesn't do things he's done before. If he's not doing them because he's in his late 80s and it's too much trouble or he doesn't care about it, that's okay. But if he's not doing them because he's depressed, I'm worried.

I usually do grocery shopping on Mondays, but it just occurred to me that that's Christmas so I called and the store won't be open that day. I moved it to Tuesday on my list.
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