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Heavy Breathing

I'm putting clean sheets on the bed and washing the ones I took off, and this is after going out today to look at fabric at Hancock's (found black & white knit of a much better quality than online), get this week's money from the ATM, drop off two DVDs at the post office, look at fabric at Joann's (found something close to plum, but it was micro-rib and I don't know if that's okay, so I only bought enough for one pair of pants and emailed the seamstress when I got home), and treated myself to Popeye's on the way home.

I brought the TV tables in so the notary and I can sign things tomorrow, and I put the generic fosamax package on the top of the secretary so I'll remember to take it tomorrow morning, with all the rules.

I still need to run the dishwasher (no clean glasses, one clean plate) and I've been damp and intermittently short of breath since I came home, so I may step into the shower just to get the sweat off.
Tags: errands, health, laundry, mortgage

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