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The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald

This is the first of a trilogy (I emailed to make sure it was only three when the third came out) and I expected to read it in about six pre-sleep periods, but I finished in three. I kept thinking "that's a chapter" and then finding myself beyond it.

This is the story of Jodenny Scott, a Team Space member who saved most of the people on her original spaceship by jettisoning the area with a fire, and killing some people, including her best friends. The story starts with her on desk duty and she uses her heroism to get a gig on a ship that needs a Supply Officer. Once there, she finds puzzles, corruption, violence, and lots of other bad things that people want her to let go. She can't do that, and the plot just pulls you along.

This series takes place in a set of planets that have been made habitable for humans by a long-gone alien race. Another long-gone alien race has made sculptures that are all over the planets. The Australian Outback features strongly in the book.

I identified immediately with Jodenny not because of the military aspect (I was a Navy brat), but because she doesn't like people calling her by part of her first name. I always explain to someone twice and then stop answering.

In any case, I really liked this and will start the second book, The Stars Down Under, tonight.
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