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Turtles Can Fly

This is about four kids in a Kurdish refugee camp. "Satellite" is a teenager who can get antennas for villages and trades live landmines (These are American! Top quality!) for food and other things he needs to support the refugee kids. While he's working on getting a satellite dish for the camp, he meets a slightly younger teenage girl, her armless brother (many kids without limbs in this movie, and I think it's real), and a toddler. He immedately falls in love with the girl and tries to do what he can to get her to marry him.

There's talk that an armless boy has visions and can see the future, and Satellite wonders if the brother is that boy and we learn that he is. Unfortunately, he doesn't see everything you'd want to know.

The girl tries to kill the child several times -- she says he's not theirs, he belongs to the people who killed their family, but there is a time where we see her raped by soldiers, so he probably is hers and she can't admit it. She eventually kills the child and herself, just as the Americans come in and overthrow Saddam.

I think the title, "Turtles Can Fly," means that the things you'd want can't happen, but I can't find anything specificallly about it.

It's a very sad movie, but I recommend it.
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