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Downpour, but No Rainbow

I watched the clouds get darker and darker from the west and then the skies opened up. About 10 minutes later, the sun came back out, but I didn't see any rainbows. It's now dry where the sun hits, but the edge of my porch will probably be wet until after dark.

The BoA woman called this morning and said the notary could come out on Monday to do the closing! Yaaaay! So I scheduled 1pm, to get it done before I get groceries. I'll have to bring the TV tables in from the storeroom because I don't have a dining room table anymore.

I remembered it was my brother's birthday and called to say hello and Happy Birthday. Their school starts Monday, so he's making sure the computers and peripherals are working. This is the part of the year where I'm only a year older -- we're 17 months apart so when you use whole years, about half the year I'm two years older and half I'm one year older.
Tags: birthday, mortgage, weather

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