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Out of the House Today

I only had some minor pain getting into the van, but my voice is still weird and I hurt down my sides, from my neck to my thighs. It makes me wonder if they had me strapped in during the surgery or something.

I took the trash and recycling out and had lunch at Olive Garden. They apparently think it's fall already because they had the pumpkin cheesecake I love, but I didn't argue. I had the mortgage paperwork and cover letter on the half-wall between the foyer and the kitchen, so when the Fedex guy showed up, I asked him to wait a minute and I opened the cardboard envelope, got the tyvek envelope out, opened it up, put the paperwork in, pulled the carrier off, sealed it, and handed it back. So that's on its way.

About 2.5 hours ago I went down to the bedroom to swap shoes for slippers, but I ended up swapping clothes for bed. I woke up about 30 minutes ago and Shiva had his paws wrapped around my wrist and his head tucked into my palm. I told him I was rolling over to get up and he held on and rolled with me, but then decided to stay down there. Turns out we had a big storm with giant hail while I was asleep.
Tags: cats, errands, food, mortgage, pain, weather

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