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Day Shifting Works

Yesterday I napped between 7:30pm and 9:30pm and seriously considered just leaving the computer and lights and such on and going back to sleep. But I wanted to do a couple loads of laundry so I got up. I wore a rayon top yesterday. I have several of these that I like, but I don't wear them often because they want to be hung dry and then they're wrinkled. As you might imagine, I don't iron. But I have these fancy new front-loading washer & dryer so I tried the top on "Handwash" in the washer and then "Delicate" in the dryer, and it came out perfect: dry, the right size, no wrinkles. So I'll be doing that from now on.

I have the surgery tomorrow and Janet will be here about 11am, so I need to be up about 9:30am, which means asleep (I hope) about 1:30am, which means starting to read about 12:00am, which means getting ready for bed about 11:30pm tonight. I expect to at least read email and post here for the first few days, but probably I can do my regular reading and posting, as well.

I decided to get groceries and wash cat blankies today as well as washing sheets, so I started the washing as soon as I got home from the Giant. They had a number of things on sale this week that will be easy for me to eat if I'm not moving well. And again, I'm not expecting this, I'm just playing it safe.
Tags: food, laundry, surgery
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