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Marilee J. Layman

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07:20 pm: Three Days to Never by Tim Powers
I keep wanting to sing that to "It's Now or Never." This is a book about gnostics with guns, so not something I really liked. There were bits I liked -- it has triffids, a woman upgrades a new device, he kept the looping plots straight -- but it wasn't the kind of book I like.

Frank and his daughter Daphne find out Frank's grandmother, Grammer, has died up on the mountain in the middle of the 1987 harmonic convergence. A lot of other people -- Mossad and Vespers, a group from Albigensians -- are fighting each other to get the device because they believe it will give them supernatural abilities. They're happy killing each other, and not that sad killing random people.

Eventually, Frank, Daphne, Mossad, and Vespers are all mixed up against each other, and are also looping through time and and timelines.

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