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Back to Stage 3 GFR!

I got the results from yesterday's labs, and the non-kidney labs are fine, and a lot of the kidney labs have moved close to normal range -- values that we wouldn't even have mentioned last year. I'm still spilling protein like crazy and my PTH is too high (so maybe more vitamin D), but my GFR is back to Stage 3 -- the nice middle stage where I've been for years. Not quite as high as it was, but much better than it's been.

I did too much yesterday -- besides carrying recycling back and forth between the van and the dumpsters, I sat up at the computer without moving for five hours, and banged my gouty big toe twice. When the alarm went off today, I hurt like crazy trying to turn over. I did eventually get it off and pain meds taken, and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

I'm starting to pick out fabric for winter pants and I'm having trouble finding three values in the same fabric: 98-100% cotton, interlock (heavier weight), and color. I'm matching existing tops, so I have to have the color. I get rashes with polyester, so I think it's the heavier weight I'll have to give up. That means t-shirt weight for pants. I'll keep looking for a while, but I've spent hours on it over the last couple of weeks.
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