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Marilee J. Layman

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06:05 pm: Last Minute Discussion
Not quite last minute, but the gyn wanted to talk over the procedure again. She said she wanted to meet Janet -- I guess so she thinks she's responsible, but of course Janet is responsible -- and I had my two-week nephrology labs after seeing the gyn.

As I was getting into the van, I had a craving for a loaded baked potato and I went to Ruby Tuesday's. I think theirs is best and there's one of their restaurants on my way home. I had the white bean chicken chili soup, too.

When I got to the transfer station, there were probably 10 times as many Canada geese as I've seen before and when I turned to go out, four were standing where my exit crossed over the exit from the giant truck weigh station. I waited for them to move, and left. I see the mallows are blooming -- I particularly like Rose of Sharon.

I dropped the trash off in our dumpster on the way in and got mail. Nothing to buy in today's SFBC catalog, again.

There's some new posters in the DC Metro. The problems with these are 1) you don't bring White House kids into the public, they get to grow up like children, 2) they go to private school, which probably does have vegetarian and/or vegan food, and 3) they aren't vegetarians or vegans (folks sometimes report what they eat when they eat out). So while Obama's daughters could have what the poster-makers think is a better lunch, they don't.

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Date:August 13th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC)
Ooh, those posters are out of line. I recall both Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton being slammed by some comedians and pundits, but don't remember a time they were used as politically as they have been in a couple of conservative campaigns. Not that the "jokes" about Carter and Clinton being allegedly "ugly" were better. Some people just don't know where to draw the line.

And now I'm craving a baked potato too!
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