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Unpacking and Installing the CatGenie

Last night I moved things (including the one-piece laundry center -- dryer on top of washer) so I could get the water hooked up. This morning I put the CatGenie together and then started to work on adding the T-junction to the cold water tap, but the taps are set into the wall and I couldn't get a grip on the locking washer. I called my friend Mark who was on his way to pick his car up from the shop and came right by. I thought I'd turned the water off and I'd turned it all the way on, so the first few seconds of having the washer loose was a little damp. (I've been a little more aphasic than usual the last week, I wonder if I'm aphasic directionally, too.) He got it put in and the CatGenie hose attached very quickly, but when he moved the laundry center back, he knocked the exhaust hose loose and had to fix that.

There was only one outlet hole by the taps and the washing machine outflow was fixed in it. Fortunately, I have another drain in the utility room, in the floor, for opening up the water heater and for the condensate from the indoor part of the heat pump. I took the hook off the end of the CatGenie outflow hose and just stuck the hose down into it.

I finished putting it together, and ran it. I knew it ran a long time -- 15 minutes -- but at least it's much quieter than the Litter Robot. I brought a chair to the door of the utility room and watched. It probably would have helped if I'd watched the video on the CatGenie site because I was sitting there thinking "Oh, *that's* why it's doing that." Both Shiva and Giorgio came and looked into the utility room and then walked in on alert. Spirit stayed in the cat castle for most of the time, and then ventured to the end of the hall. As soon as I was out of the way, Shiva went in and used the regular litter box. CatGenie says not to clean it to encourage them to use the new one, so I'll be watching.
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