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This didn't work as well as I hoped. It's still very humid today, and I was going to be up until 4am anyway, and the grocery opens at 6am, so I thought I might just go shop before I went to sleep. But I realized I needed to take my night meds and one of them makes me sleepy, so I nodded off at 5:30am. The Gyn's nurse woke me at 9am to make an appointment for tomorrow with the Gyn, and I decided to get up and go then. I got money at the ATM, mailed two DVDs and the co-pay for the helicopter, and got to the Giant, which didn't have any Refresh Celluvisc again (I have a lot of coupons that die at the end of the year, plus two that die at the end of 11 from the last two boxes I bought and I'll feel better if I have some stocked up). I got everything else, but ended up at the van panting and dripping wet. I'm not sure I was any better off than I would have been later.

I got home and put the fridge & freezer things away and went and took wet clothes off and spent 30 minutes drying/cooling on the bed and then set the alarm to 3pm and went to sleep. I had a strange dream about teaching people to surf inside, in a pink room.

I realized after I got up that I didn't want to take trash and recycling out before I see the doctor, I don't even want to put it in the van before I see her, so I put a robe on and my wet clothes into the dryer and when they were dry, put them back on. I just put on shoes and put a box of deconstructed cardboard boxes in the van and got mail. As soon as I'm through the mail, I'll put the rest of the trash and recycling in the collapsible crate and get that out to the van. Then back to slippers.

I saved $10.28 on the skinless boneless chicken with the Big Buy and I'll probably portion that on Thursday. I still get to stay home on Thursday and Friday, and then bookgroup on Saturday.
Tags: errands, health, weather

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