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Their truck is outside and they're talking, so I assume they're coming in soon. Yep, here they are.

I marinated the quarter-breast of chicken I took out of the freezer -- that leaves two more -- because Giant has another deal next week where if you buy three pounds or more of skinless boneless chicken breast, you pay $1.79/pound. That's a good deal and I can portion it and freeze it.

I'm doing a weird download and move for easypeasy 1.1 -- I decided I liked 1.0 well enough to install 1.1 for the permanent OS on the small computer. The problem is that I have less than a gig left on this computer and less than a gig left on the attached removable drive that now has all my files on it. So I'm downloading to a four gig thumbdrive and will then use the helper utility to put it properly on the two gig thumbdrive and then, probably Saturday, install it to the new computer. I have a 10 gig thumbdrive, but it won't work on the old computer. The manufacturer says it must be something about the computer, but all the other removable drives work.

I have to go to bed earlier than usual tonight since my appointment with the pulmonologist is at 1:30pm. I'll still be coming home in traffic, but probably not as bad. So far, next week is very calm.
Tags: computer, drywall, food, health

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