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Partial Breast-Smushing and Long Nurse-Talking

It turns out that when I lost some weight in my breasts last year, it was all in the posterier parts and she was not able to compress those parts because there's not enough tissue. I asked if she had something radiotranslucent to put under and then compress, and she said there's something called Mammopads that are used to cushion women with sensitive breasts, but they hadn't ordered any yet. So she'll order them and let me know when to come back. I also pointed out that her machine had a trackball and she said "Is that what it's called? I want one." She likes it better than her mouse for her computer.

I went across the street and had calimari and a salad -- didn't eat all the fried veggies with the squid because it was too much food -- and came home to spend 50 minutes talking to the hospital anesthesiology nurse. I put a .jpg of my medical text (diagnoses, insurance, meds, so forth) up online so she can just print it because it would have taken us even longer to go through those. I also looked up things for her on my medical database and my recent tests. Good thing Kaiser gives us all this info online. She gave me a rundown of what will happen on the 17th, assuming I get pulmonary clearance Friday, and her phone number, just in case.
Tags: food, health, phone

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