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Sleeping More and Errands, Lesbians on the KissCam

I slept nine hours last night, and I may have figured out why I'm doing it. People keep waking me up with phone calls (and I need to answer some of these) and I keep waking up at night with pain and having to move around. I'm going to try Tylenol #3 tonight and see if that helps.

I took the trash and recycling out today and dropped a DVD and an ER copay at the post office today. Some of the ERs and the hospital don't want to spread out payments; they want them all now. I'd have to use a credit card for that and I'm trying not to use those.

Mike Wise, a WashPost sports columnist, pointed out that the Washington Mystics (WNBA in DC) don't use a KissCam, and the owner and some players don't want one because a large part of their audience is lesbians. (Usual bigoted comments in the column thread.) There was a very nice, slightly snarky comment in the letters to the editor this weekend.
Tags: errands, lesbians, pain, sleep

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