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Naps and a Fire

I've napped the last two days and got up late today. I hope that doesn't continue because I have to go out to do things every weekday next week. Not one of my better planning times. I thought I'd get Thursday at least at home, but then I realized I needed to go to one of the UPS stores and copy 100 pages of medical records on one of their machines so I could mail the copies to Kaiser and they'll pay for the helicopter transfers. I'm not nuts enough to copy each page individually on my printer.

Peggy Cooper Cafritz is well-known in the DC Metro area -- she started the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, was on the school board, had some of the very first integrated power-parties back in the '70s (her husband was white), and collected African and African American art. The house and art burned on Wednesday night. Even though I've never been there, I still feel the loss. She plans to collect again.

(Huh, I was going to go get mail for Luke and me, but water is falling hard from the sky.)

But in better news, Obama honored a diverse field of folks with the Medal of Freedom, including Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King, Archbishop Tutu, Sydney Poitier, and many others.

(Now Kabooms!)
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