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Cold Cold Rain

I had my pre-op clearance with my primary doctor today and she wouldn't clear me until I get a pulmonary clearance because of the shortness-of-breath (I'm glad someone is paying attention!). As it turns out, the pulmonologist I saw back before inhalers came out is still with Kaiser, and while I don't think he'll remember me, I'm seeing him anyway next Friday.

They reminded me that I haven't had a Pap smear this year and I reminded them that the endometrial biopsy will suffice for that. They reminded me about the mammogram due in August and told me that we have our own screening machine in Manassas now, so I'm doing that on Wednesday. I used to have to drive to the other end of the county for it.

It rained a bit in the morning today, but when I stepped out of the center, there was cold hard rain coming down. It was great! It's a good thing I keep a roll of paper towels where I can reach them from the driver's seat, so I could dry off my head, but it was actually cool for a while today, even after the rain. The weatherpeople think there were a few small tornadoes in Maryland. Maybe this will happen for a few more days.

I don't know if you remember a big protest in DC in 2002, but a federal judge is close to ordering an investigation of how DC lost so much evidence.

I've got two more posts and then I'm taking a nap.
Tags: health, nap, protest, weather

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