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The Abominable Snowcat and Dreams

I had a weird evening yesterday. I finished online at 7:30pm and needed a nap so I set a machine to tape a PBS show I wanted to watch. That turned out to be a good thing because I woke up at 2am. I read the paper while I watched the show and then started getting the condo ready for me to go to bed. I always raise the shades over the sliding glass doors a bit so the cats can see out. I know it wastes energy, but it's only fair for them to see out at night. As soon as I raised them, Shiva and Giorgio ran to the window. I sat down on the couch so I could see what they were looking at and I wasn't sure what it was. It was big, fuzzy, and had a tail. I went carefully to the side of the doors and turned on the porch light. It was a giant Persian cat. Not just fur, giant body, too. It saw the boys and me and whined to come in, placed its paws on the screen and whined, and then tried to sit sideways on the screen. Spirit was sitting in the recliner and it didn't see her. I watched until it left the porch and then I turned the light out and went to bed.

The dream I had during the "nap" yesterday evening had me watching some kind of show on a big ship. I realized that the guy in charge of the show was going to do something bad to some of us at my end of the seats and I got us down into a raft. He turned the raft over, but we got out and then crept back on the ship and got him.

Then last night, I was once again on a ship, but as a teenager and it was some kind of arts cruise. I'd painted a picture that the adults thought was so wonderful that the other kids kept trying to destroy it. The teacher had me work with a copy while I made and painted the frame and the other kids tried to destroy that, too. I had to work in secret to get it all finished right.
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