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Drywall Estimates

I've had one guy here so far to give an estimate and I believe the, yes, the car outside is the second. Very convenient to have my sliding glass door look out at the parking lot/street. The first guy will do one more iteration of the mudding and has a $25 less estimate, so I'll call him and set it up. Of course, my next free weekday is Tuesday.

I'm washing cat blankies -- normally I do these on Mondays because Lucila comes on Tuesdays (every four weeks, but I still wash the cat blankies every week), but she's coming tomorrow and I'm washing them today. When the current batch finishes, I'm going to take a couple of boxes to the post office. I know someone in California who is part of a homeschooler's conference every year and although I would have said I had donated everything I had to donate, other people have given me things -- paper mache beads, leather thongs, etc. -- and I'm sending her those. I had them packed in a box, but I couldn't lift it, so it's in two boxes now.
Tags: art, drywallers, laundry

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