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Sleeping Around The Clock

I managed to stay awake yesterday until my usual 1:30am when I start reading in bed, but I nodded off a couple times before 1:45am and I shut the light off and went to sleep. I woke up when Shiva came, but went back to sleep and woke up again at 1:54pm. I thought I'd set the alarm for 11am and looked at it to see if I'd gone deaf, but it turned out that I had set it when I slept yesterday afternoon for 8pm and just reset it last night for 11pm. Mmmhmm. I probably needed the sleep.

I stopped at the clusterbox on the way out because I was in bed yesterday before the mail came and my check was there. I deposited it, then went to get labs at Kaiser. I stood at the counter for 10 minutes and then had to sit in a chair across the way for another 10 minutes while the line behind "me" got longer and longer. Eventually the software spit out all the little stickers and I got stuck. They really need better software for people like me -- lots of labs from lots of doctors.

I headed off for the Giant because Peapod doesn't carry the eye drops the opthalmologist had me using before the Restasis (which is $200/month and I can't afford). There wasn't any in the aisle and the pharmacy stocker found that it was back-ordered. I'm going to run out of these drops on Thursday, but when I did stop using the Restasis, I kept one box (15 days) and I'll just use those and keep trying to find the other drops. I don't know when Restasis gets a generic, but I'm sure I'm not the only person not using it because of cost.

My intention, before the stroke, was to use the Restasis only in the winter when my eyes are the dryest and that would give me about $800 toward my Medicare Plan D, and would be fine because all but one other of my meds are generic. But the stroke and the meds that doctors I didn't know ordered pushed me into Plan D this month, so I probably can't afford the Restasis in November & December.

Although, theoretically, my mortgage refinancing comes through soon. The broker called last week and extended the lock (4.546%) for another month. He said they'd extend it a month at a time until it was done and they just have too many and it's taking a long time. That will give me $200 more a month and I'd be happy to use it in November & December so my eyes won't hurt so much and will see better.
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