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Update on Summer TV Shows I'm Watching

Well, I've watched Leverage twice now and will continue for a bit. When I think about it, it seems boring, but when I watch it, it's not so bad.

Dark Blue got one watching. It had too many men with scruff, too much dark during the day, and too many machine guns. (A batch of excellent actors, wasting themselves, though.)

Drop Dead Diva is still great, and the interesting thing is that the WashPost got around to reviewing it today. I guess they didn't expect it to do so well. The reviewer makes a big deal about how unrealistic the premise is, but I don't remember that about Eli Stone or Stargate.

I still love The Closer the best of all the summer shows, and look forward to L&O:CI and In Plain Sight every Sunday, and Royal Pains on Thursdays. I'll be glad to see Monk and Psych even though it's Monk's last season.

And now I'm going to admit that I've been watching Make It or Break It on ABC Family. It's a YA show with gymnists in the typical girl stereotypes, but something caught me with it. At least so far.
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