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Sheets a Day Early

I have to be up at 8am on Monday for a 10:30 appointment in Burke (it would be 8:30 if it wasn't a Fosamax Monday) which means trying to be asleep at midnight on Sunday. I don't think that will happen, it hasn't any other time I've tried, but I'll try again. Which means I won't have time to change and wash sheets tomorrow and I'm doing it today.

When I get to putting the new sheets on, I'm also putting a new duvet on. The old one was 21 years old and the very top squares, where I apparently tuck it under my chin even with the duvet cover, are almost empty of down. I ordered the new one a couple months ago and got notices that they had so many orders because of the sale that it would come later. Later was this week and I checked to make sure it was the right thing and then moved the box into the bedroom. No use in dealing with the duvet until I was going to do it anyway.
Tags: laundry
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