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Medical Records

The copies of ER records from one hospital came today; I expect the other set to come soon. Both hospitals use the same company and getting the records and having them copied for me is likely to be about $100, but that's a lot less than $1200 for each flight. This is the local set, and both of the flights are marked on a transport sheet as "send to higher acuity hospital" and I hope that will make Kaiser happy. I didn't know the CT on the 4th here at the local hospital showed the hemorrhage. Some of these are easy to read and others aren't. If Medicare and Kaiser pay them, they should get typed versions of the reports.

We had lots of thunderstorms last night and a helicopter went down with all hands in Maryland. When we came out from Harry Potter, it had rained recently and there was a large spread of lightning above the clouds, offering an appropriate environmental end to the movie.

I'm pretty sure I hadn't seen the movie before this because they made a big deal about the Chosen One at the beginning and I don't remember that. In fact, I didn't remember much about the book at all, but I was told that the movie has been really cut. Apparently the next book will be two movies to cover all the content.

In many ways, the audience was the most interesting part of the viewing. There were a lot of times when the teens/tweens were saying Oooooooh or Aaaaaaah or ICK! and the adults were laughing. There was also a mother holding her much-too-young boy up to see the movie. He babbled at full volume and one member of our party turned around and yelled SHUT UP! which didn't happen until about 3/4 through when a staff member made her leave.

Today I dropped our bookgroup book at the library (we don't have enough for everybody, so I read it and took notes), mailed the Pink Zebra stuff, and had lunch at Chili's -- the jalapeno and onion string stack plus Caeser side salad again. September's book is one where three of us have our own copies so we'll probably be okay then.
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