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The Kaiser Manassas Five

Yes, four phone calls from Kaiser Manassas (two before I was awake) telling me that 1) all the tests are normal except the pulmonary function test (which has some "small diffusion" -- my lungs aren't getting quite as much gas back out as they should), 2) the surgery scheduler is going to check with all the doctors to make sure doing the endometrial biopsy is okay, 3) she'll start scheduling surgery and appointments, and 4) nobody knows why I'm short-of-breath. The last contact was going to the facility to pick up big-deal prescription Vitamin D.

I've started working on the behind-scenes BFAC website, so I'll be ready to make pages and go public when I get images.

I need to empty the dishwasher -- I ran it right before bed last night -- and start laundry.
Tags: bfac, health, laundry

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