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No Landline In Two Days

If you ever want to do this with Verizon, do not wait and talk to the Product people. Talk to the Tech people who know what they're doing.

I'm actually getting a slightly cheaper data server than I currently have, there's no charge for stopping the landline, and I can change my mind within 30 days without any problems. Changing my mind between 30 days and a year is $79 -- about two months-worth of difference between now & then.

I don't have E911 and 411 but I didn't know I did. Nobody will miss that phone number because I had to look it up on the bill to give it to them and nobody else knows it.

The other things I've done so far today: Wash the litterbox (I should have done this a few days ago, but I haven't been up to it), order more popcorn, and exert effort and reconfiguration to get my mail out of my clusterbox. We have a new mail driver who hates our route and is showing up about 5:30pm. It's not just that he's so late, but things that should go in the parcel locker, like my two large packages, end up crammed in the little clusterboxes.
Tags: landline phone, litterbox, mail

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