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The Lost Room

I taped the six hours of this and watched it last night. We come into the mystery gradually as the police officer protagonist gets a key that opens the lost room -- a motel room that "resets" every time you open the door. His daughter goes through the door and is lost (an excellent Elle Fanning for the brief time we see her) and in order to find her, he must learn more about the magical objects and how they work together. He is betrayed several times, makes allegiances with groups that are at odds and is physically in danger.

I never felt the daughter was really in danger, which would have added to the story. The story loses cohesion and plot toward the end and while he gets the daughter back, there are new questions asked and they never find out how the room became lost and the objects magically-charged. It felt like a series book rather than a stand-alone and I suspect the ratings will determine whether there is a TV series of this or whether we are just left to hang.
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