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Sometimes You Want to Hit Someone

Between having bookgroup yesterday and my brother and sister-in-law planning to be here earlier than I usually get up, I lost some hours of sleep last night. They called me an hour before they planned to be here today and said they were at a close intersection, so I said fine, and just watched Meet the Press instead of working my way through the front pages of the WashPost and making a grocery list, which takes about an hour. Forty-five minutes later, I called them to see if they were lost and no, they had stopped to shop. So I could have done the paper.

When they arrived, I showed them the coupon and we went to Ruby Tuesdays (that was good), but my sister-in-law is not very bright and I always have trouble with her. This time it was worse because she kept insisting on wrong things -- for example, I told her that the reason I wasn't having milk anymore is because it has a fair bit of protein without any fiber. She said I could drink skim milk and that would be okay. My brother and I both tried to correct her, but we never got anywhere.

She says she's allergic to cats; even if she never comes inside and is in their car, she's holding kleenex to her nose. Well, this time, she wanted to visit someone she hasn't seen for 10 years and hadn't brought their phone number. She was willing to come through the house to sit on the porch and use the kleenex. Rick and I tried all the variations on the name, even signed on to her Facebook, and the closest was on the first -- The map there even had the house at a point where there's tall power towers and they remember seeing those last time, but the telephone number for that is dead. So she :::gasp::: asked to come use the computer. I said no anyway, I don't normally let other people use it, but apparently she's not that allergic.

So I napped after they left and am behind. Fortunately, I won't see them again until fall. Oh, and when I went through the paper, I got the same coupon for Ruby Tuesdays.
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