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Asimov's September 2009

In this issue, Sheila discusses the Dell Magazine Awards and Silverberg has the first part of his "Building Worlds" essay.

I liked three stories:

"The Day Before the Day Before" by Steve Rasnic Tem - when you're on a time team and stray because you're sorry for the kid, do you get to go home?

"Her Heart's Desire" by Jerry Oltion - a passerby runs into the woman who has her heart's desire and gets it all over him. Can they solve that?

And finally, this is a fabulous novella from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, "Broken Windchimes." A castrato swallows a note and can no longer perform in his lifelong career. But he finds himself interested in Old Earth-form music and finds out about music theory and how little boys become castratos. Rusch has clearly heard a lot of club bands and has a decent knowledge of music.
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