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The Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper

I was at the lower end of the like scale for this. We come into the story in the middle: a planet with colonists who moved in order to get away from genemod people have six genemod kids living with them, plus a genemod adult hiding out. This happened when a ship of genemod people landed and there was a Ten Day War and all the genemod left but the seven above. Some of the colonists hate the genemod kids, some like them, but the kids trigger another dangerous situation. The book also rests rather than ends. The person who has read the next two books thought they were better than the first.

For me, there were just too many unlikely plot points shoved in to get to the point where the colonists are threatening to kill the genemod kids (and some probably would).

This is clearly in the same universe as Building Harlequin's Moon which Cooper co-wrote with Niven.
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