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Garlic Bread With Cheese

Mmmm... those of us who ate after bookgroup went to Tony's, suggested by a member who wasn't coming and doesn't like Tony's. I also had the Greek Salad, and am quite full. We had 14 people at the meeting and were missing two regulars, so the tables will have to be set up differently next time.

We also worked on book suggestions for the next year or so, plus a way to read more books. The bookgroup must read a book that's in the library, but they don't have 10 of that many SF books, so we discussed buying used and spending our own money, having a read-and-report in December where each of us reads a Nebula- or Hugo-winning novel that the group hasn't read and reports back, and taking that one or two copies of a book and passing them around until everybody has read them, and then scheduling a month to discuss. We'll have to take notes that way. We also discussed reading fantasy and regular fiction.

My brother called as I was getting out of the van at home. He and his wife are bringing their kids up to Fair Oaks Mall to meet kids they met at summer camp and will come to take me to lunch during that. I'd been hanging on to a Ruby Tuesday's buy-one-get-one-cheaper-free coupon just in case, so that will come in handy. It expires on Thursday, which is the day I'm going to see the new HP to try to get new uniforms for the cross country team of the son of a bookgroup member.
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