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This seems to happen only with foreign independent films, but the blurb on the packet is wrong for this one, too. It says:

"A variety of personalities converge on the turnstiles... all of whom are desperately racing against time and their surroundings to find one another ... before they are found themselves."

First of all, there are no turnstiles. The movie's main characters are guys who roam the subways asking "Ticket or pass please." Secondly, they're not looking for each other. Thirdly, only the assassin (pushes people off the platform in front of trains) is worried about being found.

The primary character is a young man who is living in the subways because he had a crisis of confidence in his good job. He's one of the ticket takers and he has an ongoing argument with a ticket taker from another band. He meets a young woman and at one point, he's careful not to see the assassin's face, but then later, he puts the assassin in a place to die.

The speech at the beginning of the movie says this is Good against Evil, but it didn't seem quite that clear, nor sufficiently nuanced in plot to be interesting.
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