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The Thorax CT and A Nap

I hadn't realized the thorax CT was marked stat -- it doesn't say so on my summary and the doctor didn't say so when she handed me the summary (which has all the info on tests I need to schedule and so forth) -- so I had to wait for the doctor to look at the CT. He walked with me into his office and noticed the shortness of breath getting worse the more I walked, but he said he didn't see anything wrong on the CT. He thought the enlargement of the heart was so borderline that he didn't even mention it in the report. I don't have the results from the echo or the pulmonary function tests, but the techs reacted as if they were okay, so I don't know what's happening.

On the way in and out, I saw five fender-benders. All but one already had police officers, but the one that didn't had the driver from the rear car out in the middle lane of I-66 yelling. You're supposed to stay in your car and pull off, then call 911. That's not a very safe place to stand and yell.

I went down to the bedroom to change shoes for slippers and was gasping when I got there, so I curled up on the bed. I remember being cold and pulling the covers up, and then I woke up two hours later. I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so I'll probably just sleep until I wake up.
Tags: accidents, health, sleep

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