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Mister Roberts

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Think of this with sailors, and you get what happens when they get leave.

I was putting new movies on my queueue a few days ago and I got a notice that this one had been moved to my Saved queueue. I moved down to look and saw A Town Called Alice that has been there for years, so I deleted that, and what do you know, this movie popped up to the bottom of the regular queueue. Not wanting to lose it again, I popped it to the top.

I've seen this many times and been happy and saddened every time. During WWII, a cargo ship moves around the Pacific delivering necessities to bases, ships, and subs. The cargo master would really like to be in battle, and his constant battle with the mean and nasty captain endears him to the men. But when he really needs to get the men some liberty, he makes an agreement with the captain that he will never argue with him again.

He finds that not arguing and following the captain's orders with the men makes him mean and nasty and he does something that angers the captain. The men manage to get Mr. Roberts away to battle, where he really wants to be.

This has always been a great movie. It doesn't have the big bombs and giant ships, but it gives us snapshots of the regular guys out at sea and how they can work together.
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