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Hair Horns

So driving with the windows open and short wet hair brings hair horns. I'll have to travel with water to slick them down. Wouldn't hurt to drink some, either. I took the trash and recycling out today, dropped a DVD at the post office, and had my pulmonary function test. Not surprisingly, it was very different from the one I had in 1986 when I was first diagnosed with lung damage. It was in a negative pressure room and for part of it, I was in a cabinet without air. I wasn't sure I'd fit, but the tech said he'd had a 400-pound man in without problems, and it was just my knees I had to move.

I stopped at a Thai restaurant on the way home -- the curry puffs were a little sweet, but I liked the beef pho. I have to remember, though, that just because I feel pretty good sitting down doesn't mean I'm going to feel pretty good when I stand up and walk. I've started working on some BFAC things -- it will help if we can get stuff ready for the folks who have tighter schedules.

And the washer just beeped to be emptied. I'd been having trouble with the dryer -- it kept beeping and lighting the clean lint screen button when there wasn't lint in the screen, so I took a tiny crochet hook and pulled a mass of cat hair out of the lint sensor. I suspect I'm going to have to keep a tiny crochet hook in the utility room.
Tags: bfac, errands, food, health, laundry

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