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Walk on Water

I didn't plan to watch two DVDs with Germany in them sequentially, but it worked out that way. If you set it for English sub-titles, don't worry when the first five minutes or so don't have them. They'll come after that and you can see what happens in the beginning. It surprised me quite a bit, since it has nothing like what the packet blurb says:

"... contemporary road movie that takes its Israeli characters to Berlin as they attempt to understand the role that the past still plays in the lives of young Israeli and German people."

What actually happens:

There are three main characters -- a brother and sister who are Himmler's grandchildren (the brother lives in Germany with his folks; the sister in a kibbutz in Israel) and an Israeli assassin. The assassin is assigned to play tour guide for the brother when he comes to visit his sister on an errand from his parents -- to get her to come home for Daddy's birthday. The assassin is unhappy at being given this minor task, but he is off his stride since his wife committed suicide, and in the end, he doesn't even listen to the last tape he made from his bug in the sister's room. Turns out the sister tells the brother that Himmler is still alive, and the assassin's boss sends him to Germany to find out more. Himmler is at the birthday party -- does he live? If not, how does he die? And does someone kill him?

The movie also has a difficult scene where the assassin is upset not only because the brother takes them to a gay bar (the sister already knew he was gay), but spends the night with an Arab. However, when a group of queens are attacked in a German subway, the assassin defends them.

You'd need basic knowledge of WWII to get everything in this, and even then, I can get similar updated emotions from the WashPost.
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