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The Last Pants Fitting

The seamstress was just here to make sure everything was right and she'll take up the hems just a bit more and deliver them tomorrow and I'll pay her. This has worked out really well, and I'm going to start looking for jersey fabric to replace the winter pants. The tops I have to go with the summer pants are old, too, but still wearable, and even though having her make clothes is a lot cheaper than buying them, I don't want to spend the money for just two more months. I can do that earlier next year.

I'm partway through washing the sheets, of course, and am sleepy again, so when the next load of laundry needs to be moved, I'll nap. In the recliner today, I think. I only got six hours of sleep last night and I think that's why I'm so sleepy.
Tags: laundry, pants

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