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The New New Toaster Oven

So I bought that new toaster oven because the handle had come off my 1991-era Black and Decker and all the reviews said the new B&Ds were awful (they'd been bought by a different company). It turned out to steam and burn toast at the same time (water running down the inside of the door!), and I had to finish both Bagel Bites and a marinated quarter-breast of chicken in the microwave to get them cooked enough to be safe. I use the toaster oven enough that I really needed something better, but I hadn't found it when I looked before.

I went back looking again last week and thought about a Cuisinart for a while, but not only was it much more expensive, it's too big. I taped together some pieces of paper to make a template and kept trying to make it work, but it wouldn't. I then read all the reviews for it, and found one where the reviewer also thought it was too big, but then bought this Delonghi toaster oven, which is smaller. I read all the reviews there, and they're pretty much universally good, except people think the default toast setting is too high. I turned down two sides of the template and it could go where the toaster ovens have always gone here.

I ordered the DeLonghi and it arrived Wednesday. Using the lower toast setting, it makes perfect toast. I got Bagel Bites that were crisp, hot in the center, and had browned cheese on top. The marinated quarter-chicken breast was excellent. I cleaned and packed up the other toaster oven and will take it to the charity thrift shop next time. The DeLonghi is almost three times as expensive, but worth it to get something that works.

Today was the city's haz-mat half-day so I got up early and delivered two dead compact fluorescents and the obsolete laptop. Then I headed off to the post office where the two people in front of me at the APC machine were both trying to do something it wouldn't do -- make it take cash (debit or credit cards only) and take a letter (must need at least $1.10 postage because they can't make money otherwise). I finally convinced them that it wasn't going to work and got my package out.

I'm really sleepy now so I think I'll take a nap before I come back and read LJ and ML.
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