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Crazy Time by Kate Wilhelm

This was the SF book group book for the month and I thought it was satirical rather than SF. It was written in 1988, during the Cold War, and there's a crazy paranoid colonel and a group of out-of-their-minds psychiatrists. The stfnal hook is that a laser (programmed by an AI that believes it's going to kill aliens rather than playing with a teen) disperses a cartoonist. He finds himself coming back together when he sees the psychiatrist he saw right before he was dispersed. The colonel thinks everybody's a commie, he's upset that the cartoonist has drawn filthy pictures of feet rather than perfectly normal boobs, he gradually elminates people he trusts. The colonel is after the cartoonist and the psychiatrist. They try to escape and in the process fall in love. There's some interesting moving around in other people's thoughts while the cartoonist is dispersed, but most of us felt "eh" about the book.
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