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Medical Bills

I have a folder of the medical bills (mostly copays for doctor visits, tests, and meds) for each year, but I've had to put together a folder just for the stroke-related things. A few things have mounted up and I decided to take care of them today. It turns out that the reason I'm only getting bills for three of the rescue squad transports ($377 each) is because they actually sent the fourth to Medicare already. All four bills have the same patient number, but they only sent one. I've been calling their billing company for four days and just getting voice mail, but today I got a person, even though I was on hold for a bit.

I filled out the form for one hospital to release the records from the ER visits and hope I typed up the info for the other hospital properly. They'll both go out tomorrow.

I also took a DVD to the post office and am wearing the lavender pants with my wallet, phone, and keys in the pockets to see how well they do. I think I need another inch off the waist because just that weight is pulling them down so the hem is over the heels of my shoes which might make me fall.

I'm going to try to make the cauliflower & pasta recipe today.
Tags: errands, food, health, pants

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